About FitMonstr and the Development Blog

Welcome to the very first blog post for FitMonstr. This first post will give an overview on what FitMonstr  actually is, what this blog will be used for and the stage FitMonstr it is currently at.

So first things first, FitMonstr is a health and fitness database that provides easy access to information on exercises, workouts, supplements and more. It also contains price comparison for supplements so you can find the best deals for your favorite products.

What makes FitMonstr different to other websites such as BodyBuilding.com and Muscleandstrength.com is how the information is presented to the user. I wanted to make FitMonstr have a very seamless user experience so that the information can be accessed quickly and efficiently without much thought or navigation. The information can also be added and updated by the community.

This blog basically keeps you updated on the stage FitMonstr is at during it’s development. It allows you to be in the loop on all things around the development side.

At the moment, FitMonstr is in a relatively stable condition at the moment, however, everything in the backend is a complete and utter mess. I started this project last year around June to help work on my PHP development skills I learned during uni but I didn’t really have a grasp on how big this project actually was. Because of this, the entire website is built with procedural code which essentially means that the code is everywhere and extremely hard to read. It also uses a lot of deprecated functions such as mysql_connect() and I aim to change that by doing a complete code overhaul and implementing object oriented principles.

As most of the code is still there but just needs updated, hopefully it won’t take a long time to complete the overhaul. I’m hoping that it will be released in the latter part of July.

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to blogging the development stages of FitMonstr.

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