FitIgniter v2.4 Released

Huge update has arrived over at the google play store with lots of exciting new features. Firs things is first, we have revamped the individual supplements and exercises page. no longer is all of the information stored on a single page. It is now divided up into sections which can be accessed by sliding the tabs within the apps. This allows you to navigate throughout the application in a much more efficient manner.

The second is the update of the home page. However, this home page is currently temporary until we have finished with the final version. We hope that you enjoy this new change.

Last, but certainly not least, we are finally proud to announce our entirely new workouts section. We promised to bring it to you over the past few months, and now it has finally arrived! This workouts section holds different pre-built workout routines for a variety of purposes (such as mass building or weight loss) to help achieve your goals quicker. All workouts that have been added are authentic workouts that are created by fitness experts. This is to ensure maximum efficiency.

While the new workouts section is still under development and there’s still a long way to go before we are completely satisfied with its contents, we feel that at the moment, it is usable enough to be a new addition to FitIgniter. At the time of this blog post, there is currently only 2 workouts listed within FitIgniter. However, many more workouts will be added over the coming weeks,.

We hope that you enjoy all of the new updates this week to FitIgniter and we have some exciting features planned for the next upcoming updates.


You can download FitIgniter v2.4 on the Google Play Store over at –

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